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Essay on my national hero

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Perhaps we cannot mention any other eminent leader who had the courage to oppose Gandhiji. But Netaji did it because he had the hero of conviction. He felt that in certain respects he was right and Gandhiji was wrong and he had the courage to say this. His courage won the admiration of all. He became the President of the Indian National Congress. But he had to resign Presidentship for his essay of opposing Gandhiji. Still he would not sacrifice his firm faith in his policy of national for the freedom of his beloved motherland.

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During the last great War, he left India in disguise and went to Germany and Japan. He hoped to free India with the help of those countries. He had a wonderful power of organization. This had been noticed all through his life.

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He raised an army and called it the Indian National Army. It is briefly known as LN. With this army he fought against the powerful British Government at Imphal in Manipur. But owing to many adverse circumstances, his attempt was not successful.

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But his noble example inspired all freedom-loving people and particularly the young men of India. The members of I. After his failure, he left for Japan in an aeroplane. It is said that he met his death from the crashing of that aeroplane.

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Physics c 2d But this did not deter him from the path he had chosen. He utilized the time in hero for writing valuable books which include his autobiography, the Discovery of India, Glimpses of World History and letters from a Father to a Daughter. The essay one is a collection of the letters that he started writing to his daughter Indira Gandhi when she was thirteen-year-old.

This is how he educated her about the history of the world. Thus Nehru became a historian too.


His style of writing was extremely interesting and marvellous. Outside the prison he inspired people to renounce the comforts of their homes and join the struggle for independence. He advocated the non-violent method that Gandhiji preached.

However, Nehru was more impulsive and sometimes his decisions even led the country to troubled times.

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For this purpose, he stressed upon the importance of education and its positive effects in the foreseeable future. He urged Muslims to participate in educational activities rather than politics. He wrote several Urdu journals, books and magazines west virginia university college application essay the prevailing conditions of India and its implications on the Muslims.

He was a philosopher and poet. Through his poetry, he motivated the Muslims to fight for their right.

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He greatly loved Pakistani youth and considered it the asset of Pakistan. It was this youth who took active part in the Pakistan Movement. He had the instinct of impressing others with his logical arguments.

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Considering them as a role model, each one of us should follow their footsteps. He is metallurgical engineer.

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It was this youth who took active part in the Pakistan Movement.

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He urged Muslims to participate in educational activities rather than politics. In our country many great heroes were born in the past.