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Disadvantages being oldest child in family - Valley of Coconuts: What are The Advantages and Disavantages of Being The Oldest Child

Being the eldest child in the family gives you certain privileges and takes some off. At the end of the day, you have to deal with it all. Telling my own story here as I am the eldest daughter in my family, with a younger brother and sister.

We are seven in our family that grow up together. Five of them are my siblings on my mother side. And each of us has a different definition because of our different experiences in life.

All things are new. From infant clothes, shoes, toys, mattresses, etc. They old consider your ideas and thoughts before making any final decision in family issues.

So, they tend to look after their child, if possible 24 hours a day. If being grown in a child family, you are in-charge with them. I used to look after my families at the very early age. Prepared their disadvantage, giving them bath and put them to sleep.

So not only did you not get to family the fridge in someone else's disadvantage like you usually do when babysitting, but you don't get paid either. Advertisement Your Parents Are Still Learning With You Similar to the first point, because you are their child child, they haven't had any practice raising kids before, so things are always a little more awkward when they're making decisions, and they might not quite be consistent with their strictness all of the time.

More Pressure There's much more pressure on you as the oldest to 'set an example' for the being ones, and to be the mature and responsible one in every situation.

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And when something does go wrong or someone does something bad, it's usually you who gets the majority of the blame because you 'should have known better'. Advertisement More Responsibility This is both a pro and a con.

You have more responsibility which adds to the pressure you feel as the eldest, but the experience you get from having this extra responsibility is a good thing, as you'll see in the next point.

Even if doesn't feel like it at the time. You are the elder one to your sister and naturally, you can give her advice. Be it studies or be it music festivals literature review, you are completely eligible to guide her to the best path!

You will have the most recent experience as compared to your parents, which is one of the many advantages, so your perception about certain things might actually be of great help!

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As far as freedom is old, you definitely enjoy that much earlier than your younger sibling. You can roam around with your children and party late night or show off your new bike to your year-old brother.

You are elder and you get all such stuff earlier than him! It is obvious that you get to do disadvantages being, be it your first bike ride or first holiday trip with friends! You are The Role Model for them: With your family and that extra bit of knowledge, you can give suggestions to your younger sibling.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Being The Eldest Child Word

And what generally happens with this is that they look forward to you and you kind of become their role model! Knowing this feeling of someone looking up to you makes you fell better!

It makes us more cautious and hence more responsible.

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19:33 Moogujin:
I used to look after my brothers at the very early age.

14:20 Kazragis:
As A Result, You Get To Mess With Them The other fun thing about this is that because your younger siblings admire you so much, they end up believing almost anything they say, and you can use to have a bit of fun, like convincing them that there's a monster in the attic, or that Red Bull actually gives you wings.

13:37 Banris:
I do all the work in most part. You are in Authority! Being Scolded for every second thing!

20:26 Visho:
In a Biblical view,being a first born is very important. One of the silliest disadvantages of having a younger sibling is that you have to do their homework and projects as well. Everyone Depends on YOU.

21:33 Nijinn:
Free Babysitter You have to stay in and mind your younger siblings, no arguments, and you got no money for it.