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Vw and the Emissions Testing Scandal Research Paper

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11:54 Tabar:
However, that was only in test mode. Although VW stated their cars release less pollution than they really do, in reality it was purely based on a program within the engine software that allows the car to perceive if the person drove it under test conditions.

21:06 Gorg:
Car companies have made many promises over the years. The car was supposed to inject a urea-based solution to prevent NOx from being harmful and adjust exhaust flows and air-fuel ratios.

19:24 Goltizil:
Volkswagen has not been all too transparent with their emission tests. When experts tested the VW cars and saw the dramatic increase in emissions, they contacted the EPA, especially after they saw the emissions were only reduced while in test mode. However, that was only in test mode.

16:12 Kigacage:
VW labeled the program "defeat device. Volkswagen is one of those companies, promising their customers cars the produce less emissions.