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Eckstein h. (1975). case study and theory in political science

Case study and theory in political science () by H Eckstein Venue: In F. Greenstein & N. Polsby (Eds.), Handbook of political science: Vol. 7. Strategies of inquiry They use a case study prototype of their own design to propose common properties of case study and demon-strate how these properties support their definition. Next, they.

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While official crime statistics from many countries show that unemployed people have high crime rates and that communities with a lot of unemployment experi-ence a lot of crime, this cross-sectional relationship is very often not found in time-series studies of unemployment and crime. They use a case study prototyp

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Toward resolving the paradox by Cezary A. Finally, they discuss the interplay between the terms case study and unit of analysis to further delineate their definition of case study.