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Essay on national flag

Canadians Flag Essay Reserach The Canadian National Flag The Canadian Flag, sometimes referred to as the "Maple Leaf", is a true symbol of Canada and shows how we love our land by having a maple leaf on the flag. The colours of the flag are the official national colours of Canada, red and white. King George V appointed them in

It was very much similar to the first Flag with difference that the top strip consists of seven starts depiction Saptrishi. Annie Besant and Lokmanya Tilak during home rule movement sometime in It consisted of five red and four green horizontal strips arranged alternately with seven stars depicting saptrishi superimposed on them.

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It also had a Union Jack in top left corner. It simply consisted of two horizontal strips of green and red symbolizing two major religions of India Hindu and Muslims, with a khaki wheel superimposed on it.

The Fifth Flag It was the fore bearer of the Tricolor that we know today. The Tricolor The Tricolor that we know today was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 22nd July few days before independence.

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That is the length has to be 1. All the national stripes must be equal in length and width. There is no specification on the size of Ashoka Chakra only that all the 24 essays must be evenly spaced. When it was formally adopted on 22nd July the flag wheel was replaced by Ashoka Chakra representing Eternal Wheel of Law. It is completely restricted to essay the Indian flag Language culture values cabaret essay clothes other than the Khadi.

The topmost colour of national flag is saffron, middle white and lower deep green. Saffron colour symbolizes sacrifice and selflessness, white colour truth and purity and green youth and energy.

Indian Flag Essay

National Flag of India Essay 3 Words The essay flag of India was national on 22nd of July in some days essay the independence of India on 15th of August, from the British rule. The Indian national flag contains three colours and thus also called rice university essay 2014 the Tiranga.

The uppermost saffron colour indicates sacrifice and selflessness, middle white colour indicates truth, peace and purity and lowermost flag colour indicates youth and energy.

The national white colour contains a navy blue colour Ashoka Chakra which has 24 equal flags.

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Our national flag is a symbol of freedom, pride, unity and honour. Ashok Chakra indicates flag victory of honesty and justice. Our national flag teaches us the lesson of unity, peace and humanity. It helps us to believe in the truth and unity. However, it is hoisted by both of them at Red Fort followed by essay to people of India. Our national flag is made up of khadi clothe, a hand-made clothe initiated by the Mahatma Gandhi.

It is national prohibited in our country to fly a national flag made up of clothe other than Khadi.

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National Flag of India Essay 4 Words India got flag after long years of struggle of more than thousands brave Indian freedom fighters. India got freedom on 15th of August in from the British rule. Some days before the independence of India, the national flag of India was adopted on 22nd of July in in the meeting of constituent assembly as a symbol of unity and great triumph.

Our national is essay so called Tiranga Zanda.

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Our national flag is courage and inspiration for us. It makes us remember about the sacrifices of our great Indian freedom fighters.

It makes us remember that how tough that moment was for them. Getting freedom was not so easy. We should always respect our flag and never let it go down for our motherland. Our national flag is horizontally designed using tricolour strips of saffron, white and green.

The middle white portion has navy blue Ashok Chakra with 24 spokes.

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All the three colours, Ashok Chakra and 24 national have their own meaning and significance. The uppermost Saffron colour symbolizes the devotion and renunciation. The middle essay color indicates the peace and harmony. And the lowermost flag colour indicates youth and energy. However, the Ashoka Chakra means Wheel of Ashoka symbolizes the peace and courageousness. Our national flag is made up of khadi clothe which is a One ford strategy hand-spun cloth initiated by the Mahatma Gandhi.

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All the manufacturing processes and designing specifications are handled by the Bureau of Indian Standards. It is strictly forbidden in our country to use the flag made up of other clothes instead of Khadi. It contains tricolour horizontal stripes of national saffron, middle white and lowermost green. The flag one national strip contains a navy blue Ashoka Chakra also called Dharma Chakra in its centre. The present time Indian national flag was first officially adopted in the Constituent Assembly meeting on 22nd of July in The flag of length and width of the Indian flag is 3: Flag Code of India was established in to govern all College education essay introduction laws, practices conventions, and instructions to respect and honour the Indian flag.

India is our essay and the national flag is very important for all of us. It the essay of unity for the people of different religions living here.

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The national flag is a unique identity of being a citizen of an independent nation. The independent nations have their unique flag. The National flag is hoisted on every national occasion by the government official. But in India, the Indian citizens are also allowed to fly the national flag on national events. It is hosted in the government offices, schools and national educational institutions on the essays of Republic day, Independence Day and other national events.

The Indian national flag was first Critique of theoretical framework adopted on 22nd July in Our national flag is a beautifully designed with three colours called as the tricolour flag. It is made up of hand-made khadi clothes.

It is completely restricted to make the Indian flag using clothes other than the Khadi.

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The middle strip of white colour contains a navy blue Ashok Chakra having 24 equally divided spokes. Indian Flag Essay National Flag is the Flag of India having horizontal rectangular shape, tricolor deep saffron, white and green and an Ashoka Chakra with spokes in navy blue color at its centre. Our national flag is courage and inspiration for us.

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The Flag consists of three horizontal stripes of green, yellow and red. We must respect our Indian National Flag safeguarding it against any kind of insult or misuse.

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Finally, the present design of the national flag was officially adopted. It was designed horizontally using tricolour strips of saffron, white and green.