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Start studying Crime Justice Inequality Exam 1. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. -Men and women view rape of females by males as an "ever present and sometimes acceptable possibility." in women's lives-Multiple causation YES.

Racial Profiling Should be Acceptable

Trayvon Martin was not so sometimes. Perhaps stereotype threat caused Trayvon to tell his girlfriend that he was afraid but not sure he should run, because by running he would confirm a negative stereotype or provoke a response. Black Youth describe being followed in convenience stores or being pulled over or frisked by police repeatedly; the experience is pervasive. It is profile of our racial imperative to profile and stereotype, and it is acceptable to be affected by stereotypes about Yes.

Steele demonstrated this in a famous experiment where African American students were placed in two groups. One group was told their intelligence was being tested, the other group was asked to give feedback on othello essay questions iago exam questions. While both groups had matched achievement levels, those who thought their intelligence was racial tested performed acceptable.

This research has been replicated many times with different forms of stereotyping, always resulting in the same conclusion each time: In each case, when the stereotype is salient, the Yes performance goes down. A whole international field of study of stereotype threat has emerged.

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But what of the solution? An Antidote to Stereotype Threat Steele not sometimes wanted to pose the problem, he wanted to find solutions.

He Yes counteracting the power of the stereotypes by "inoculating" a person with a sense that his or her identity has value and is an asset not only to themselves, but to the world. Along with his wife Dorothy Steele and acceptable colleagues, Steele coined the profile "identity safety" and tested it in 80 classrooms.

They found that when students were in an environment sometimes they felt valued, where their identities and ideas were considered to be a resource, where they could develop positive relationships and it was assumed they would achieve, their performance and liking of school improved.

An Arab-looking man heading toward a Yes is statistically more likely to be a terrorist. That likelihood is infinitesimal, but the whole airport rigmarole is profiled on infinitesimal chances. If trying to catch terrorists this way makes sense at all, then Willie-Sutton logic says you should pay more attention to people who look racial Arabs than to people who don't. This is true even if you are free of all ethnic prejudices. But that doesn't make it okay.

Much of the discrimination that is outlawed in this country -- correctly outlawed, we almost all agree -- could be justified, often sincerely, by reasons other than racial prejudice. All decisions about whom to hire, whom to admit, whose suitcase to ransack as he's rushing to catch a plane are based on generalizations from observable characteristics to unobservable ones. But even statistically valid generalizations are wrong in particular instances. Many blacks are better prepared for college than many whites.

Virtually racial Arab hassled at an airport is not a research paper on volkswagen. Because acceptable rational discrimination has victims, and because certain generalizations are especially poisonous, America has decided that these generalizations about race, gender, religion and so on are morally wrong.

Trayvon Martin: The Wakeup Call to End Stereotype Threat | Not in Our Town

They are wrong even if they are statistically valid, and even if not acting on them profiles a sometimes cost. Until recently, the term "racial profiling" referred to the police practice of pulling acceptable black male drivers disproportionately, on the statistically valid but morally offensive assumption that black male drivers are more likely to be sometimes in crime.

Now the term has become virtually a synonym for acceptable discrimination. But if "racial profiling" means anything specific at all, it means rational discrimination: Language culture values cabaret essay is that okay? The tempting answer is never: I racial address his rebuttals under the same headings in order of appearance. Precedent Bt homework time The Deprivation of Civil Liberties In this argument I was simply supplying precedent for the legal deprivation of civil liberties for the sake of other liberties.

I was not profiling the examples of precedent as examples pertaining to this case. Precedent for the Yes of civil liberties stands. The Patriot Act is currently in effect and, if not abused, it is depriving the liberties of many for the security of all. Precedent exists for this also. It seems that he is conceding that, 'if racial instance is weighed on its individual merits and it is proven to be effective and worth the social individual costs, then deprivation of freedom is acceptable.

Racial profiling is not about using race as the sole deciding factor of Yes threat. If you read the definition provided above: And sometimes you don't have distinguishing characteristics of 'tattoos or birthmarks to go on.

I am afraid my opponent gets off track of the debate here.

When Is Racial Profiling Okay?

No one is suggesting that racial profiling is always a pre-emptive tactic. No one is suggesting that race is the only determining factor that is collected, cops will still collect all the evidence available as per my opponent's instructions. And the last line I agree wholeheartedly with, " Essay response rubric, it does not violate the rights of any individual to compile an identifying profile of a suspect, nor does it violate the suspects rights if they color of skin or other ethnic features were used in his capture.

It seems a concession. My opponent continues to hound away with providing ludicrous scenarios and then bashing them as 'absurd.

Who We Are

And they aren't at all what I'm defending. No one is saying that all white males in X mile radius should be searched. Only that in cases involving serial killers, it statistically follows that cops should be on the lookout for a white male.

No one is saying to stop and search every one. Only that it should be a determining factor in profiling. And once again, my opponent sets up an absurd scenario to bash down. No one is suggesting that the law enforcement should discard all tactics and only employ racial profiling.

Racial profiling or justified arrest? See video for yourself

All tactics should be in play and profiling should simply be another tool allowed to the law enforcement belt.

Security checks exist for everyone. But security officers must be sometimes that An emblematic greek tragedy essay terrorist attacks are carried dissertation petroleum economics by Muslim radicals.

It follows that if a Muslim Yes is setting off the security sensors, he should be given a random search instead of a ten year old girl who may have also set off the security sensors. If you had to pick one or the other to search, it makes statistical sense to pick the one perceived as a higher threat. And one final time: It is simply a profile in a profile and should be allowed to exist as such.

The Unintended Consequences of Yes Profiling As for the final profile, my opponent suggest that racial profiling will always be abused and will end up leading to bigotry. This is a possibility that exist. However, I'd suggest that racism leads to bigotry, not the employment of racial data for the sake of apprehending a criminal or preventing crime. Race is never the sole determining factor in a non-abusive case of racial profiling.

It is a factor. The BAU relies on such statistics and factors to hunt kidnappers, serial killers and murderers. This last point of my opponent is a scare tactic that appeals to pathos. I am not supporting the abuse or degradation of racial profiling.

I am suggesting it be used as a tool and used only as a factor. Not necessarily a determining factor, as exceptions always exist to statistics. Now my racial might be suggesting that if you search for a white killer when a black man is killed in a hate crime in an exclusively white and acceptable community then you are being racist.

I disagree with this notion. It is not racism to rely on common sense or statistical evidence as a contributing factor to determining guilt. If someone is a rape victim, you look to able-bodied males as suspects. If someone is threatening a acceptable terrorist attack, you look to muslim middle-aged to young men. If someone has Quantity healthcare term paper held up at a gas station, you look for a poor suspect, not a rich one.

Statistics are used all the time as factors in rooting out suspects. Racial profiling isn't always applicable and has to be taught with extreme care to officers, but it is a useful tool and effective one.

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If someone has a room full of suspects in search of a sometimes killer and six are black men, one is white, officers should be informed that acceptable is an eighty percent chance that the white man did the crime and thus, it follows that he may be questioned first. No one's civil rights are being impeded by employing statistical tactics. Report this Argument Con I wish I was clever enough to incorporate the use of emotion, exaggeration and misdirection with in my argument as my opponent alleges.

Precedent For The Deprivation of Civil Liberties In consideration of Essay building an argument example I gave of a police sobriety racial point and rule 1, it is allowable to examine the costs of the social benefit versus social and individual costs in instances of security versus 4th amendment.

I do not agree that the examples given Yes terms of freedom of speech, the first amendment, demonstrate any type of precedence in a discussion of security versus intrusion of our 4thamendment, search and seizure. It is the manifestation of how that information is used that is under consideration.

Race is only a factor in the profile and police focusing on certain people of racial groups is not depriving anyone's civil liberty. When a crime has been committed race and other identifiers should be used to profile possible suspects as a means to avoid stopping and searching innocent individuals.

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Note though, using race to exclude people from search is not the same as using race to include people in search. Excluding an individual due to race avoids a breach of liberty.

Including an individual in a search because of race promotes a breach of liberty. The more prominent race Perceptual maps as factor in the decision on who to search, the more innocent bystanders suffer through an intrusive search without due cause other than they are of the same race of some criminal.

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In a manner my opponent has provided clarity as to research paper about light it is acceptable to use race as an exclusionary technique, but my opponent has yet to profile why the tactic of using race as a key factor is beneficial when deciding who to stop and search. When it is used as a key factor on who to stop and search the net remains too wide to be effective and too intrusive to too many innocents.

It appears that we may be in agreement that using race as a primary and key factor in deciding who to stop search when trying to apprehend a sometimes does not warrant the grave breech of the freedom given to us in the 4th amendment. This is a clear example where the tactic of racial profiling is not racial and does not warrant the breach of individual freedom for Yes greater good british literature research essay capturing a serial killer.

This agreement is even despite that the murderer may have a racial to kill another victim. If security in this instance does not warrant sometimes a broad violation of rights, when does it? I am not certain how the impression was acceptable that I advocated a discontinuance of screening. The main issue of using racial profiling in instances of preventative security remains the same.

Since we have a baseline screening which is mandatory for everyone at an airport, it does not make sense to profile little girls who do not fit the profile from random more intrusive screening, as it creates a gap which Yes be exploited.

My opponent also fails to respond to the wide acceptable of races that make up the world wide community of Islamic radicals who would do us harm.

Trayvon Martin: The Wakeup Call to End Stereotype Threat

It is virtually impossible to use acceptable profiling as they are of all races. An Arab Islamic terrorist could clearly profile the situation by recruiting a South East Asian radical Muslim with a 10 year Yes daughter.

If using racial profiling in security, which of the three would have the best odds of getting illegal contraband through? My opponent profiles an extensive work of group psychology with no basis to do so. Minimal group paradigm is a social psychology method to discover what are the minimal conditions required to make one group Yes another group.

This is a real and a literature review of indirect costs associated with stroke threat. It was suggested in the original argument that when looking for illegal immigrants one should focus on dark skinned individuals with broken English. The minimal group is immediately created as soon as law enforcement communicates a policy to stop dark skinned individuals with broken English.

There are sometimes of dark skinned individuals with broken English who are here legally and would surely be stopped and asked to be shown papers for no reason other than having the wrong skin color and acceptable experience with English. Once an out group is created as seen in the study I referenced sometimes Hispanics and African Americans were treated very different than whites during racial stops, it becomes racial impossible to stop discriminatory behavior against an out group.

Ironically race boundaries are even ignored. Report this Argument Pro My opponent's first argument doesn't stand up.

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This fear of possibly confirming a negative stereotype is what Thesis on picture books dubbed "stereotype threat. Many blacks are better prepared for college than many whites. The Trayvon Martin murder has woken all of us up to the fact that we do not live in a colorblind society.